Bookmark Worthy #1

Jan 2016 / article

  1. Finally, I can use my midi keyboard to actually learn how to play the piano. Pianu is an interactive site that will teach you how to play piano with your keyboard, mobile phone or by your midi keyboard if you have one.
  2. Sampulator – create cool samples from your computer keyboard.
  3. There are a lot of good articles online and you wish you have time to read it all. With, you now can. Squirt is a browser plugin that will take any article and converts it to show one word at a time eliminating the need to turn your head from left to right so you can focus on reading.
  4. Flat Design 2.0
  5. Against Typeface
  6. Automatically art directed images
  7. Pure Masonry CSS layouts
  8. A collection of Year in review
  9. Jquery cards – A repository of over 1000 quality jQuery plugins
  10. The moment I realized I wasn’t an “Artist” – how it transformed my career forever