Bookmark Worthy #2

Feb 2016 / article/ music

  1. Codedoodles has some funky physics that a man from the 90s will think as magic.
  2. I never like him but he’s making a beat Splice. So what do you want me to do?
  3. Very good read at why the world’s most popular sites has awful Web design.
  4. This guy has been documenting himself while making good music.
  5. If Lenardo Di Caprio don’t win his Oscars this year, the world will shake. For the meantime, we can play this game and try to get the disputed trophy it for him.
  6. HTML, CSS and Javascript has gone overboard and shadowed Flash forever. Form Follows Function (fff project) is one of those.
  7. This site helped me download all of my instagram photos. I needed them for backup.
  8. Patatap – Make music with your keyboard
  9. Typatone – Make music with letters.
  10. Spotify Valentines – Love letters has gone a long way.