Bookmark Worthy #4

Mar 2016 / bookmarks

  1. UI/UX prototyping has been the norm since the mobile era and animating it to showcase to the untrained eyes of your audience is a quick hit. This article shows how to prototype UI animations in Keynote.
  2. Adding items to your design mockup has never been this easy. A product of Invision.
  3. Sometimes I wonder why popular websites don’t get into the trend of modern web design. This article proves that design comes second behind content.
  4. I love music but how it works is sometimes a mystery to me. This Chrome Experiment is fun with its engaging animation and with the music that you can make with it. I especially like Kandinsky where it plays what you draw. It makes you an artist in two different ways.
  5. I always use rem for my font size but I don’t really know why. The main reason I’m using it is because Zurb use it on their Foundation Framework. Zell has a nice explanation what rem and em is.
  6. This Mega HTML5 cheat sheet is a great infographic guide on html5 tags. A lot of them I haven’t heard before.
  7. CSS3 Animation Cheat sheet.
  8. Ever tried downloading a logo from a website and not finding a high resolution one? Happened to me a lot of times. But what if a website gives you a download kit when you tried to right click their logo. The invisionapp website do just that and CSS Tricks has a tutorial on how to do it.
  9. Flinto – app prototyping tool with great animation option that you can send to any of your team members for review. It’s not free but you can try it for 30 days.
  10. Placeimge is a lorem ipsum for images. THis is an alternative to placekittens. I hate placekittens.