Bookmark Worthy #5

Apr 2016 / bookmarks

  1. is a dairy website that makes me want to buy ice cream. It’s fun and modern with clean design. The smooth transition of the menu icon from hamburger to an ice cream is very unique.
  2. Flash is dead and HTML5 (Superman) is taking over. Animatron is powerful animation tool that is easy to use. It sure is a Flash killer.
  3. Lolcolors is a collection of color palettes for quick inspiration. It’s like Kuler, but simpler and easier to use.
  4. Don’t know what programming language to use on your next project? This foul-mouthed site will help you get started. There’s also a safe for work version but really, who wants that?
  5. Put a video to your music. Playlist buddy converts your Spotify playlist to a YouTube playlist.
  6. This gameboy is made out of pure CSS.