Bookmark Worthy #6

Apr 2016 / bookmarks

  1. Prototype anything you can imagine with Framer
  2. covers everything you need to know about Web Components.
  3. Like flags? Me neither. But this might change your mind about it. Flagstories explores the history of flags and design structure most countries use for their flags. Very interesting.
  4. Heuristic Evaluation, Contextual Inquiry and Baby Duck Syndrome. Apparently, these are three of the many “jargons” a UI/UX designer should know. On medium.
  5. Three years ago, my colleague said parallax effect on web design was so overuse. For me, it’s still cool when you do it with multi-layered parallax illustration of Assassins’s Creed.
  6. This codepen snippet is a working Spotify artist page in HTML, CSS and javascript.
  7. Lists of books for people who love to code – a medium post by Eric Elliot.