Google tools you can use straight from the search bar

Apr 2016 / article

Google is the most accessible website in the whole planet. I don’t know what I’d do without google. But I don’t use it only for searching. I also use it for many things and I do it straight from the search bar. Here are the keywords I use the most for every day use.

  1. sgd to usd – or any other currencies you wish to check against. It will give you the most up to date values without going into another site.
  2. timer – when I wait for a site to propagate or when I want to check how many minutes it took me to write a code, I use this very quick timer by google. Stop watch is also available.
  3. 1 + 1 – typing a simple mathematical equation will make the calculator appear.
  4. movies like – if you ran out of movies to watch, you can type movies like + your favorite movie and google will list it to you with posters in a nice slider.
  5. metronome – for musicians alike.
  6. weather – typing “your city” + “weather” gives a quick forecast of today’s weather. There are a lot of fancy apps available but when I’m on desktop, this is as quick as it gets.
  7. sec to min – calculator for converting time.