I lost my GoPro in Boracay

Jun 2016 / article/ gopro

I lost my GoPro Session in Boracay with the Aqua Handle last week June 10, 2016, Friday.

It contained three days and two nights of our island adventure with my friends. I lost it at a narrows street going from MNL hostel to the white beach at around 8-8:30 pm.

Two of my friends also have an action camera but they didn’t really capture a lot of videos as much as I did. I did however still produce a video from their recordings. Checkout the video I edited below. At the end is the photo of my GoPro

PSL in Boracay from ableslayer on Vimeo.

The GoPro is a precious thing but what’s in it is even more precious. I’d love to have the camera back, but more importantly, I’d really love to have the memory card returned to me. Cameras can be replaced, but moments captured from it cannot.

Please contact me if you have any information about this.