New Website

Dec 2015 / article

This has been long overdue and being busy in the office and at home is to blame. I had that moment in my life where “dad” has been added to my name. Yes, fatherhood can really change how a man works and a lot of times, well, there aren’t a lot of time – time that I needed for my “other stuff” to work. But here I am now, fancying a new website with a far less design and more minimalism. It’s still made with WordPress goodness and a good ol’ Foundation framework. Here’s the full list of what my website is all made of. I thank them for all the hard work (and for being free mostly) they put into this.

  • FoundationPress – I learned how use Node.js and run npm commands because of this starter kit. It’s my go to theme for starting anything that is WordPress.
  • Foundation – Of course, FoundationPress won’t be here without its mother framework. Zurb’s Foundation has come a long way and I am proud to say that I’ve been there since the beginning. There are a lot of new cool stuff with the new version 6 and I won’t be caught dead without upgrading mine to the latest.
  • Masonry – After more than five years, I am still in-love with Desandro’s Masonry Layout. I have to say that I have a lot of design ideas for my website but I would always end up with masonry. There’s just something to it that is so hard for me to resist.
  • Fancybox – There are only two lightbox plugin that I know of: The original Lightbox and Fancybox. The latter happens to be a fancier option and I’m used to using this.
  • Infinite Scroll – Unfortunately, Infinite Scroll Paul Irish isn’t maintained anymore but surprisingly enough, it still works like a charm. Also works perfectly with the masonry layout.
  • WordPress – My beloved WordPress.

I also want to thank the good folks on and for helping me when I’m trapped in a loop.