Sep 2014 / featured

A weekend destination

After spending another week in Hong Kong for a business trip, I decided to go a bit further to get a different view. I left on a Saturday afternoon after roaming around Central District and went to the station to catch the 2pm boat ride to Macau.

No! It wasn’t about the casinos.

Why would they think that when you go to Macau, it’s always the casinos? Gambling isn’t the only reason you need to see this historical place. It’s also the scenery and the interesting fusion of Chinese and European architecture. The last settlement of the Portugese occupation, Macau is filled with eye-catching monuments and churches. Not to mention the Cantonese slash Mediterranean cuisine that I am really excited about.

Taken with a Canon 60D

Processed using VSCO film – C – Fuji Astia 100F