Jan 2014 / featured

Christmas Eve 2013!

Since I cannot go back home to my family in Manila and staying in the flat is just way over uncool, I traveled to the southern part of Malaysia to get a different view. A four hour trip from Beach Road via transit bus for less than 20 SGD, this place is a no-brainer for someone who likes photography and resides and work in Singapore.

The Beaders at The A Famosa

At the Porta De Santiago, Jalan Kota Malacca, Malaysia, I saw three sellers who make beads in the corner of the forsaken church and decided to mingle with them. They were very cool and was open for photos with their work and craft. I forgot to ask for their names because I was hurrying up for my 7pm trip to back home.

I also bought two identical bracelets from them for me and my wife just for keeps. I also thought it was kinda unique.