Started using Google Keep – the only note taking app I really used

Mar 2016 / article

I’ve tried Evernote before, both the desktop app and the mobile one but I just couldn’t get my hands on it. I still have notes in there but I can’t remember ever using it.

As a matter of fact, I even listed my new year’s resolution on Evernote.  Now it’s March and that’s the only one I ever wrote in there.

Of course, I also use my iPhone’s native  note app but I only use it to remember my social security number. 

So I still need something to put my important notes into and to remember what I need to do in my projects. So I googled “simple note keeping” and what came to me was not a surprise: Google’s Keep.

I heard about this before when it came out and had some pretty good reviews. I started using it and little by little, all my post-it that’s been hanging onto my computer monitor were all gone. I tidied up my place in an instant. 
I still use my physical notebook though when I’m in a meeting room but they get transferred quickly to Google Keep as quick as I can get to my PC or my phone.

One of the features that I like is when  you can create a note or a lists of to-do’s very quickly. It’s very easy to get started with all your note takings and sort them out later.

On Windows, you can download the Google app launcher so that you can have Google Keep pinned to your task bar. Just like Window’s sticky note which, by the way, has also been replaced.

I also like how you can tag your notes and it will act like a grouped folder. 

I also like how you can add tags and share it with someone else. These neat features are subtle and doesn’t make you need a manual to operate. Very user friendly and modern interface.